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Terpodactyl Media is a Eugene-based creative business offering multimedia services to Oregon cannabis companies. Owner and (sole) operator Amanda Day brings a background in journalism, multimedia, and seven years of hands-on industry experience to each project. Day takes pride in passing along her passion for the plant and its products by joining journalistic realism with commercial appeal. She strives to immortalize each producer's hard work and inform viewers through bright, bold media: from macro product photography to lifestyle content and everything in between.


  • Company Name: Terpodactyl Media

  • Photographer Name: Amanda Day

  • Email Address:

  • Phone Number: (971) 444-5137

  • Website:


  • Standard Product Photography (In-Studio)

  • Standard Product Photography (On-Location)

  • High Volume / E-Commerce Product Photography

  • Extreme Macro Product Photography

  • Editorial Portraiture

  • Instagram / Lifestyle Shoots

  • Grow Room Photography

  • Retail / In-store Photography

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